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Zlatoust is a city in South Urals situated on the border between Europe and Asia. City streets extend whimsically throughout the city. The foundation of Zlatoust School of Artistic Metal Treatmentlaid by Ivan N. Bushuev got strong support and new development by its successors, most recently ROSarms company, established in 2002. 

"ROSarms" presently offers a wide range of handmade knives for Outdoorsmen, Fishermen, Hunters, divers, climbers, Special Forces and EMERCOM. Our knives withstood severe tests in real combat operations as well as under arctic climate conditions. Rosarms catalog includes a lot of interesting knives for knife collectors and everybody else who need a cool tough knife.

Knife blades are made of the famous Zlatoust forged and hardened stainless steel 110x18MШД and 40x10C2M and Damascus steel. (for more details please see Design page) Handles of knives are made of only "warm" material from valuable species of wood: walnut, box-tree, beech, birch nodule, birch bark and leather. Besides the "working" knives, ROSarms offers highly-decorated engraved knives using nickeling, silvering, gilding, etching, blueing, annealing, incrustation with gems and semi-precious stones. These are sabres and swords, dirks and daggers, hunting and wine sets, wall panels, souvenirs and many others blade-styles to suit your every need! 

The headquarters (main office) is located in downtown Zlatoust by the small lake and park.

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